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A new online experience is here

Enroll or link your account now to manage your Retail Services Account online.

Why do I need to enroll?

We’ve made some big upgrades to our online account management site. In order to take advantage of the new features and added security, even if you already have an online account, you’ll need to enroll or link to a Capital One online account.

If you service your account online, any preferences, such as paperless statements, were discontinued on March 4. You’ll be able to reset your preferences when you enroll.

Do you currently service a Capital One account at

Yes, I have a username and password for

  • Because your account is issued by Capital One, you’ll be able to link it to your existing Capital One online account.
  • Just sign in and follow the prompts—it’s easy and only takes a minute.
  • Once linked, you’ll be able to manage and make payments to your Retail Services Account from the same website as your Capital One account(s).
  • You’ll also be able to manage your account from the Capital One Mobile app.

No, I don’t have a username and password for

  • Even if you currently service your account online, you’ll need to create a new username and password.
  • Any current preferences, such as paperless statements and account alerts, were discontinued on March 4.
  • When you sign in to the new experience, follow the prompts to reset and update your account preferences.
  • Download the Capital One Mobile app and manage your account anywhere, anytime.

If you don’t enroll, you’ll be able to continue to manage your account by mail. If you decide to enroll at a later date, you can do so anytime.

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Why did I receive a paper statement?

In order to upgrade our online systems, all account preferences were discontinued, including paperless statements. If you’d like to receive paperless statements again, enroll or link your account and select Paperless.

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